ICOONE Micro Slimming

ICOONE, with its exclusive Roboderm® technology, is a patented device whose action is performed using 4 different handpieces fitted with rolls. Each roller has hundreds of micro-alveoli which create MULTI-MICRO ALVEOLAR STIMULATION on the treated tissue. As such the skin receives fully 1180 micro-stimulations per dm2, in order to achieve the purpose of skin caring, slimming and modeling without causing any trauma or putting any stress on the tissue.


  1. Stimulate microcirculation effectively, improve lymphatic system
  2. Drain away excessive water and firm the skin, improving the its elasticity
  3. The local slimming treatment can stimulate the rapid elimination of localized fat
  4. Stimulate fibroblast proliferation and collagen production
  5. 5.Smooth wrinkles and fine lines
  6. Model and improve facial contours
  7. Anti-fat decomposition and destroy cellulites