DermaVision Beauty Edition

Researched and developed in Korea with high-tech innovation and precision. More than 150 hospitals and clinics are using this superior skin analyzing system DermaVision Beauty Edition. The three shooting modes: Ultra Violet, Parallel and Cross, giving customers thorough skin analysis. It can analyze the moisture, sebum, wrinkles, scars, pigmentation, melanin, erythema and distribution of pores with easy operation. It shows the skin status of both epidermis and dermis, in order to choose more targeted products and treatments for the skin. The “before-and-after” comparative analysis provides a clearer picture of treatment effect.


  1. CE approved, safe and reliable
  2. Easy operation
  3. 3 kinds of shooting mode, multi-task analysis
  4. Show epidermis and dermis condition
  5. Give detailed analysis of skin problems
  6. Before-and-after treatment analysis gives you a clearer understanding of the effectiveness of treatments