Purisma transfers energy in the form of plasma into every layer of skin. It has two handpieces for treatment. The SPOT handpiece rejuvenates the eyes by imitating the lifting effect. It can effectively lift the saggy eye lid, reduce eye wrinkles and tighten the eye skin. By restructuring the tissues, it can also smooth both the eye and face wrinkles. The JET handpiece, on the other hand, which is mainly for face can kill the bacteria on epidermis, reduce follicular sebum and acnes, shrink pores and brighten the face.

Functions and features:

  1. Reduce eye wrinkles
  2. Reduce dark circles
  3. Reduce puffiness around eyes
  4. Lift and tighten the eye skin
  5. Kill the bacteria on the epidermis
  6. Reduce sebum and acnes
  7. Shrink the pores
  8. Brighten the skin
  9. Stimulate the growth of collagen
  10. Reduce face wrinkles including frown lines, forehead lines, nasolabial folds and neck lines etc.
  11. Non-invasive, causes no trauma