This equipment combines RET high frequency, RET scrapping and massage system and bipolar high frequency system. The RET high frequency is released through three ceramic parts in different sizes. They are utilized on different body parts to tighten the skin and promote the metabolism and blood circulation. The heat generated by RET high frequency also stimulates the regeneration of collagen and elastin to restore the skin elasticity and retard aging. Furthermore, as the heat can reach as deep as 6cm beneath the epidermis, it can effectively decompose the subcutaneous and visceral fat.

The RET scrapping and massage system is consisted of four different scrapping tools which emits RET high frequency during operation. Together with the massage of our aestheticians, they relieve fatigue and relax the stiff tendons and muscles while relieve pain such as chronic muscular pain, back pain, the muscular pain after exercising and frozen shoulder etc. Scrapping can also improve the lymphatic circulation for the removal of waste and purification of blood, and increase the healing power of organ tissues.

And the bipolar high frequency is emitted by two handpieces which also emits red and blue LED respectively. The red LED handpiece for body is to promote skin regeneration and blood circulation and the blue LED handpiece for face is to kill acne-causing bacteria, reduce sebum secretion, prevent the infection of wound and reduce acne scars.

Functions and features:

  1. Combines RET high frequency system, RET scratching massage system and bi-polar high frequency system
  2. Generate heat deep in the skin
  3. Tighten the skin
  4. Promote metabolism
  5. Promote blood circulation
  6. Promote the regeneration of collagen and elastin
  7. Increase the skin elasticity
  8. Decompose subcutaneous and visceral fat
  9. Relieve fatigue
  10. Relax the stiff tendons and muscles
  11. Relieve pain
  12. Improve the lymphatic circulation for waste removal and blood purification
  13. Increase the healing power of organ tissues
  14. Kill the acne-causing bacteria
  15. Reduce sebum secretion
  16. Prevent wound infection
  17. Reduce acne scars