This equipment combines far infrared, vacuum suction, powerful vibration and acupressure systems.

    Far infrared system raises the temperature to as high as 65 to soften and reduce the fat and cellulite. The fat layer is also stimulated by powerful vacuum suction and vibration for body shaping. Furthermore, the heat and vacuum suction improve the blood circulation and metabolism to drain away the waste, toxins, lactic acid causing fatigue and aging, fat, excess sodium ions and uric acid while softening the stiff muscles. On the other hand, vacuum suction also pulls the fascia layer for massaging and fat repositioning. The fat is thus softened and become easier to be carried away through the lymphs.

    The advanced vibration system with a frequency up to 10Hz generates intracellular heat to repair the cells and improve the immunity system. The strong vibration can also relax the stiff muscles.

    The equipment also provides 8 massaging modes which resemble different massage gestures, including knocking, stroking, patting, grabbing and pressing etc. to make the muscles contract and relax repeatedly in order to relieve the stiffness of superficial muscles and even massage the deep muscles which cannot be reached by hands. The three massaging handpieces attached are applicable to different body parts including legs, calves, back, abdomen, shoulders and arms.

Functions and features :

  1. Combine the far infrared radiation, vacuum suction, strong vibration and acupressure systems
  2. Reduce fat and cellulite
  3. Relax the stiff muscles
  4. Improve the blood circulation
  5. Improve the lymphatic circulation to drain away waste, toxins, fat, lactic acid, excess sodium ions and uric acid
  6. Repair the cells for better immunity
  7. Applicable to many different body parts e.g. legs, calves, back, abdomen, shoulders and arms