Plasma is the fourth state other than solid, liquid and gas. It is ionized gas which carries electricity. Plason can release electricity to change the positions of ions so that they can freely go through the membranes. When the voltage of membranes increases, tension is produced to amend the misplaced cations and restore the balance of potential as well as the normal operation of cells, leaving the skin firm and elastic. This equipment can also stimulate the circulation of water molecules to make the collagen grow. Besides, it can kill bacteria, relieve inflammation, reduce wrinkles and improving sagging skin etc. Its unique and patented Plasma Shower handpiece pours down the plasma onto the skin during which the plasma destroys the structure of bacteria to relieve inflammation and acnes, including those acnes formed from pressure. It is even proven by experimental test that the equipment can make the .

Functions and advantages:

  1. Quickly kill bacteria
  2. Relieve the acnes including those caused by pressure
  3. Stimulate the synthesis of collagen
  4. Reduce the wrinkles around eyes and mouth
  5. Improve the sagging skin
  6. Inhibit the melanin and brighten the skin
  7. Accelerate the absorption of skincare products