From Israel, reputed in the development and production of high-tech professional military treatment, REACTION™ is different from the general unipolar RF instrument in the market. It uses a unique patented CORETM technology, then through the different frequencies and suction for different layers of the skin, effectively and accurately transfers the energy to a specific treated area, in order to stimulate collagen and elastin production, and accelerate tissue metabolism. With the functions of fat reduction, shaping, improving cellulite and firming the skin, REACTION™ can help restore skin firmness and elasticity, and also can improve the stubborn fat and reshape the body lines effectively. The treatment process is safe and reliable as it is certified by FDA (US) and CE (Europe).


  1. Improve cellulite, partial obesity pattern
  2. Improve stretch marks and loose belly skin
  3. Remove wrinkles and any expression lines
  4. Improve loose chin and double chin
  5. Increase blood circulation and improve edema
  6. Reduce fat accumulation
  7. Skin tightening