Slimming and hair removal

M6 bears three different mini-head for matching with the various needs of all skin types. It perk up the skin cells without causing pain and restore the youth of the skin, achieving wrinkle reduction as well as lifting and firming effects. Moreover, the application of ergonomic-driven double-roller rotation principle leads to an unexpected outcome. Vacuum suction helps shaping body figure, smoothing the lymph flow and relieves the tensed muscles.

The treatment utilizes red and blue waves as well as the vacuum suction to focus on the lymph node and obstinate fat. It is suitable for persons suffering from lymph node swelling. The far infrared and blue waves penetrate through the skin and reach the deep layer, facilitating the lymph flow while reducing the pain caused by the blockage of lymph.

This treatment utilizes 3 different kinds of techniques to shape the figure and remove the fat.

The first one is radio frequency which can directly reach the subcutaneous tissues to break down the obstinate fat

The second one is the laser which stimulates the fat cells to open the pores, softens the fat and increase the skin elasticity.

The third one is the vacuum suction which can bring away the fat from lymphatic system so as to shape the figure.

With the use of ox horn for stimulation and the unique technique to smooth the lymph flow and meridian, together with the stimulation of ultrasound and intense current, the loose muscles can be tightened.

This treatment applies ionization of the negative magnetic field on human body and uses the axon of neurons to convey massages. The treated part will be applied with hot ointment to achieve the slimming effect by the negative magnetic field ionization equipment.

The intense heat generated by radio frequency (RF) can penetrate through the epidermis into the deep layers. The cooling system inside the equipment can detect the skin temperature to ensure that the epidermis suffers no damage. Combined with the use of face collagen, the face will become smoother and firmer.

Passing thousands of clinical examinations, the unique CAVITATION – ULTRAPORA – ZIONER slimming cavitation with fat decompose by power audio injection enhances the fat decomposition and emulsification, raise the temperature of fat tissues and foster the metabolism of cells. It can also break down and discharge obstinate fat to reduce fat and improve skin problems like loose skin, the lack of elasticity, stretch marks, skin aging and wrinkles etc.

With the use of the bipolar radio frequency (RF) and vacuum negative pressure technology, together with the massage with the patented rotary squeezing handle, the treatment can achieve the results of weight losing, body shaping, skin firming and wrinkle reduction. Bipolar RF and vacuum negative pressure works together with the vacuum negative pressure to raise the temperature of the epidermis and subcutaneous fat layer, enhancing the production of collagen so that the skin can be firmed and the wrinkles can be reduced. The dissolution of subcutaneous fat by heat can accelerate the metabolism and improve the body shape.