Passing thousands of clinical examinations, the unique CAVITATION – ULTRAPORA – ZIONER slimming cavitation with fat decompose by power audio injection enhances the fat decomposition and emulsification, raise the temperature of fat tissues and foster the metabolism of cells. It can also break down and discharge obstinate fat to reduce fat and improve skin problems like loose skin, the lack of elasticity, stretch marks, skin aging and wrinkles etc.


  1. Discharge the toxins and relieve edema
  2. Enhance the oxygenation of skin cells
  3. Improve the body shape
  4. Help the production of collagen and increase the skin elasticity
  5. Raise the temperature of skin tissues to accelerate metabolism
  6. Activate the cells and help the skin to absorb moisture

*The effects of the treatments vary from person to person. For more details, please consult our beauticians.