With the use of the bipolar radio frequency (RF) and vacuum negative pressure technology, together with the massage with the patented rotary squeezing handle, the treatment can achieve the results of weight losing, body shaping, skin firming and wrinkle reduction. Bipolar RF and vacuum negative pressure works together with the vacuum negative pressure to raise the temperature of the epidermis and subcutaneous fat layer, enhancing the production of collagen so that the skin can be firmed and the wrinkles can be reduced. The dissolution of subcutaneous fat by heat can accelerate the metabolism and improve the body shape.


  1. Bipolar RF – to soften and break up the fat while improving skin elasticity
  2. Fat breaking – reduce fat accumulation and enhance the tightening effect
  3. Vacuum suction – speed up the discharge of toxins, drainage and fat
  4. Colorpuncture function – soften the fat causing pore extension, strengthen the product diffusion

*The effects of the treatments vary from person to person. For more details, please consult our beauticians.